Are you a first time mom?

Becoming a new mom can be both exciting and scary. There are so many firsts when it comes to having a baby and lots of things to learn going through the process.

Budgeting for Baby

Start a spreadsheet or budget journal to get started keeping track of baby related expenses. Give up small things to make room for baby costs like eating out.

Naming Your Baby

With so many baby name lists on the internet naming your baby is easier than ever with a simple search on Pinterest. We even have lists on our blog.

Best Baby Registry

Creating your first baby registry is a fun right of passage for new moms. My top two faves are Babylist and Amazon because they have the best perks and freebies TBH.

The Importance of Self Care

Let’s start the self-care journey during pregnancy because it’s going to be even more important after the baby arrives.

Building a Support System

Remember, mama, the journey into motherhood isn’t one you need to navigate alone. Building a support system is not just important; it’s essential.

The Reality of Postpartum Emotions

Postpartum emotions are real even if you don't have postpartum depression. However, if you feel overwhelmed with anxiety or depression reach out to a doctor.

Time Management

When you become a new momma you have a whole new set of things to take care of. Be easy on yourself during this time by setting realistic expectations and asking for help.

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