must haves

One of the best parts of pregnancy is creating your baby registry. It’s so important to register for those baby must-haves, so you are all ready for your newborn’s arrival.

Pick a sturdy baby crib to ensure your baby’s sleep environment is safe and comfortable. Models that convert can grow with them, providing value for years.

Finding a good mattress complements the crib, designed for infants to support their developing spines while ensuring they rest peacefully.

Good storage keeps necessities within reach yet neatly organized. This aids remarkably in maintaining a clutter-free space, vital for your peace of mind and the baby’s safety.

Get a good rocking chair! While this is not a must-have, my rocking chair became one of my cherished spots for feeding and bonding moments with all of my babies.

A safe, high quality stroller and car seat are must haves to make sure your baby is safe on the go! Some of my go-to brands are Joovy & Diono.

Each baby registry must have a handful of items for feeding times like bottles, breast pump, and storage bags.

Ensuring a smooth and safe bath experience for our little ones requires some essential items. A baby tub has become a must-have for me.

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